Onto the Cloth

Images and Story by Linda Sbath from Being Set Free906057_10204457734545306_8587648244370556594_o“It strikes me that the process of being set free means being able to clearly see and acknowledge background. My previous image (below) obfuscates the beauty of the cloth I hung this christening dress against. When I last was in a hospital, as I left I asked the art therapist if I could take home a few of the clothes upon which we worked at tables in groups. Each of us worked past our paper onto the cloth. To me, the cloth became a beautiful piece of collectively and unconsciously created artwork. She gave me 2 of these clothes to take home with me. I have and treasure them to this day. Maybe what Karen has us embarked on here is similar. In revealing process so intimately perhaps we’re drawing on the table cloth she’s laid out for us. I imagine that’s what a good teacher does too.”  Linda Sbath

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  • mlgentry

    Although I am a male and it appears as if this dialogue figures in the feminine, I find inner exploration always fascinating.Count me in on this adventure.

    • Karen

      That would be great. It came about rather organically with a dress but it’s simply a metaphor for those who want to use it. Definitely not required to be part of your project.