Last week I watched the Lord of the Rings series as well as the Hobbit Trilogy.   It was great fun and must have had a significant influence on my creative…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

Two men, Vladimir and Estragon, meet near a tree. They converse on various topics and reveal that they are waiting there for a man named Godot. While they wait, two…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

French philosopher Gaston Bachelard (June 27, 1884–October 19, 1962) addressed this question with uncommon acuity of insight in Intuition of the Instant (public library) — a timelessly rewarding exploration of…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

R.Tagore I discovered a kindred spirit today at the Museum of Modern Art in Delhi.   I overheard a tour leader discussing some art that I was quite drawn too.  He…

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Developing Your Creative Vision Pondering the Leap

Letter penned on August 12, 1904 by Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet “Great sadnesses … they are the moments when something new has entered into us,…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

“My foregrounds are imaginary, my backgrounds real.”― Gustave Flaubert We are all comprised of foundations that make us totally unique…the fabric of all our experiences exists in our backgrounds; the edges, the loves,…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

by Marli Thibodeau Isn’t it the way a good metaphor shows up ~ you’re doing one thing when somewhere along the way you realize it has become something else entirely. …

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Set Free

“What I need is perspective. The illusion of depth, created by a frame, the arrangement of shapes on a flat surface. Perspective is necessary. Otherwise there are only two dimensions.”…

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Developing Your Creative Vision

Developing Your Creative Vision

 Just show up and who you are will simply appear in the work…it’s unavoidable really.

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Developing Your Creative Vision