Not Knowing

Anais Nin discusses using the unknown as a gateway to deeper presence and greater awareness:

“It is possible I never learned the names of birds in order to discover the bird of peace, the bird of paradise, the bird of the soul, the bird of desire. It is possible I avoided learning the names of composers and their music the better to close my eyes and listen to the mystery of all music as an ocean. It may be I have not learned dates in history in order to reach the essence of timelessness. It may be I never learned geography the better to map my own routes and discover my own lands. The unknown was my compass. The unknown was my encyclopedia. The unnamed was my science and progress.” Anais Nin


Karen Divine

Many of us have learned to process through our imagery in a way that allows it to reveal itself step by step.  There is no preconceived idea, although prompted by a color or vague idea we begin the journey.   It’s a meditation on “allowing”.

“You live out the confusions until it becomes clear.” November 1941 Anais Nin