Layering Your Images in iPhone Photography

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Layering – Karen Divine

The iPhone is an exciting way to create abstract art using layers. Because this form of expression is usually subjective and spontaneous, using apps that blend and mask parts of images can be exciting. New shapes appear in ways we don’t anticipate, creating colors, forms and textures that are interesting and unexpected.

Layering 3

Layering requires the photographer to look at qualities in imagery that can be combined in surprising ways. BlenderLeonardoSuperimposeProcreate and even Juxtaposer are wonderful apps that offer traditional blending modes, masking and resizing. A few of these apps allow for multiple layers that can be rearranged and changed at any point, providing an overwhelming amount of possible scenarios.

Layering 2

Working on the iPhone in this way is the antithesis of looking at photography in a traditional way. One doesn’t shoot for the single image and instead shoots for forms, textures and colors with the intention of combining them in new ways.

Layering 1

Layering Tips

Blend random images together as you experiment with different blending modes and masking. Next, blend that combined image with a new image, building or replacing images until something wonderful shows up. Save each layer that has something to offer (even if it’s just a section or texture) and then add that element back in using Juxtaposer or Leonardo.  There are many apps that allow for this. Be playful, spontaneous, expect surprises, and most importantly, learn to work with your intuition.