Change is Good

Yes I’m leaving the country in the spring and selling everything, all my art, my furniture, my house.  I can’t take it with me and I can’t sell from Mexico so my work may not be available after the spring 2018.  I’m selling prints, framed work at costs of framing (except for my new work).  So for those who can’t make it to Boulder I’ll be posting more and more art on the link below here on my website.

  • Francesca Fuller

    Karen, where in Mexico? We are just starting to plan our leave from the USA, looking around Merida and Campohe (sp?) on the east side. Looks wonderful and exciting and new beginnings with sunshine. Good luck on your venture and I will look for you there. We are both artists and looking for a place where we can have workshop, retreats, exhibitions etc. Perhaps we can entice you later.

  • Diana

    Change is good. Change is exciting! Change is scary. Change is necessary for growth. All the BEST as you make your new home in Mexico.