About to Begin Again


From “A SMALL AMOUNT OF COURAGE” by Karen Divine

She (Debbie Millman) reflects on the words of wisdom that most inspire and motivate her:

“I was interviewing the great writer Dani Shapiro, and we were talking about the role of confidence in success. She stated that she felt that confidence wasn’t as important as courage, and that the action to do something was much more critical to success than the idea that you feel confident about doing it. The notion that courage is more important than confidence has stayed with me ever since.“https://www.brainpickings.org/?utm_source=Brain+Pickings&utm_campaign=03e0817be2-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2016_11_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_179ffa2629-03e0817be2-234952945&mc_cid=03e0817be2&mc_eid=eeb5787c0f

15181516_10154885668724994_6447066677782931511_nSo just take the leap and trust.15181485_10154888523009994_3482620476006171846_n