A Photographic Exercise

Pondering-the-Leap                                             “Pondering the Leap” by Karen Divine 2008

A Photographic Exercise about “Being Set Free”

Art is a powerful tool we can use to uncover and reveal parts of ourselves hidden by our rational mind. By contemplating the idea of “Being Set Free” we might uncover some insights about ourselves we’ve ignored or avoided and through the art process, unveil it.

Perhaps you already know what you may want to set free and can find a metaphor to express this with. The DRESS is available to shoot and use as your metaphor (physically mailed to you for a week) if this interests you see my previous post here for more information.  Otherwise, choose your own metaphor to use to express this.

Some of you may work conceptually, knowing just how to manifest this image.  Others may prefer to simply allow it to appear, letting the intuitive direct the process.  When beginning this way, stay present with the idea of Being Set Free and with open inquiry and an open heart simply allow your creative spirit to reveal something, then sit back and see what it says.

This work must have a photographic element.  It can be mixed media, alternative processes and transfers are fine.   This might require a series of images to tell the story, or may be a video, a single image or a collage just to suggest a few ideas.  In addition, you must write about this experience, providing a concise 200-400 word description of the work. It can reveal the story literally or be expressed metaphorically but the relationship between the story and the imagery should be cohesive,  revealing a solid understanding of what will or has recently set you free.

We know it might take a while to figure out what and how this is going to manifest for each of you, but we will set a goal to complete this initial project in nine months, a birthing…April 1, 2016.

Please join our FB Group Being Set Free and post your work as you experiment, or wait until it is complete and post it in this group. The written element IS important and as each of you finish your project, I’ll start collecting them along with the imagery. If you prefer not to be on Facebook, you may email me with your text and images at kdivineboulder@yahoo.com.  You can ask for feedback if you want and email Marli if you want the actual dress to shoot for one week. Marli Thibodeau   marlithib@gmail.com

This is designed to be a personal journey, an experience into Art as Discovery and a venture into a new found freedom expressed through art.

Being Set Free 1“The Foundation”  Image 1 of Being Set Free Series by Karen Divine